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Hello, I’m Celeste.

I’m Celeste Begandy, Marketing Coordinator for Millcraft Investments and alumna of Point Park University. You can browse through my past work experience and grade point average below, but here’s the scoop.

Here’s my motivation.

Unfortunately, no one in my withering family tree has ever had the chance to love their work. It’s something they want for me, aside from a nice paycheck. The tricky part is that it’s not just money that soothes the soul, but feelings of accomplishment, necessity and duty. Like many of my peers, this is what I hope to find, and with some ol’​ Irish luck, I will be able to fulfill my career and life with balance and happiness.

What I’m doing now.

Currently, I’m working full-time at Millcraft Investments in Pittsburgh, PA. Millcraft Investments is one of Western Pennsylvania’s most prominent real estate developers, with a hand in several residential, commercial and hospitality projects. As a marketing coordinator, I am responsible for managing and maintaining several aspects including social media, advertising and websites for corporate and its several divisions.

What I would like to do.

Aside from traveling and owning a Montana horse ranch, I would eventually like to lend my skills to a nonprofit organization. Ecology, conservation and animal welfare are keen interests of mine that could benefit from strong communications work. However, I’m open to any project that could use my skills, insight and ever-charming personality. Diversifying my portfolio and knowledge is a goal that will never cease to be. I’m interested in doing public relations, social media and making some creative works like newsletters, advertisements or branding.

Your turn! Add me on social media or send me a message if you want to chat. I’m always open to broaden my network or make a new friend. If you really want to do your research, read my blog.

I'm a dog and cat person.