About Me


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Hello, I’m Celeste.

My name is Celeste Begandy, a recent graduate from Point Park University located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can browse through my past work experience and grade point average on my resume, but gist is that I’m looking to get somewhere. And by that I mean this…

Here’s my motivation.

People will say things like “your roots give you character.” If my roots taught me anything, it is that I need a job that makes me happy, more than a job: a career. Frankly, no one in my small, withering family tree has ever had the pleasure of doing a job he or she truly loved. I would like to change that, and not be stuck in a rut between paychecks. The tricky part is that it’s not just money that soothes the soul, but feelings of accomplishment and necessity. This is what I hope to find, and with some ol’ Irish luck, I will get there sooner than later.

What I’m doing now.

I am seeking a full-time communications position that will utilize my interests and skills in multimedia. When relatives at holiday gatherings ask what multimedia is, I briefly explain that it is a study of many communication aspects, including writing and visual media like design, social media and branding. In addition, I am currently working for Racheallee Lacek, Pittsburgh’s SavvyReAgent. I’m managing her clientele, calendar, social media, website and other aspects of her real estate business. I also assist Mark Jennings, broker of Millcraft Real Estate Services, with similar tasks. I’ve gained valuable real estate knowledge, including how to manage profiles on Zillow and Trulia, and run the West Penn Multi List.

What I would like to do.

Ideally, I would like to work for a nonprofit organization. Ecology and conservation are keen interests of mine that I would like to lend my skills to. However, I’m open to any project that could use my skills, insight and ever-charming personality. I’m interested in doing communications work like public relations and social media, and making some creative works like newsletters, advertisements and websites. I’m willing to go almost anywhere to do nearly anything. I’m looking to move out of state, so don’t think I’m limited to Pittsburgh.

Your turn! Send me your story. I’m always open to broaden my network or make a new friend. If you really want to do your research, read my blog.

Writing, designing, social media - I got this.