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My First LinkedIn Article

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LinkedIn is slowly, but surely, becoming a better social media tool. I’ve noticed more of my connections posting and participating, and the platform itself is improving. While I’m still not browsing it as much as Facebook or Instagram, I find it to be the appropriate place to post an interesting article relating to my professional persona, such as this Atlantic article about why modern women have left careers for children.

Since I’ve been putzing around LinkedIn, I decided to draft an article.
Read it here. This stemmed from a recent late-night Facebook message to one of my company’s pages, when an ads salesperson sent a message at midnight, proclaiming that her magazine would love to write an article! After I followed up, the article was actually only in conjunction with an ad. So not only did she pitch a pay-to-play PR opportunity, but made first contact at midnight. So professional.

Like a lot of writing, my article was stemmed from frustration and experience, which can create a nice foundation. However, I spent a few days on it, realizing I couldn’t simply rant and call it professional. Well…it’s still a rant, but I thought about how it related to the scope of a social media manager’s job and how desperately we want to be remembered as people, not computer screens.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please send them my way. As a budding “professional,” I want to learn how to reign in my rants, but apply them to worthwhile conversations.



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