Listed here are samples of my journalistic articles. I’ve separated them by what has been published in Point Park’s student newspaper The Globe, or what was a class assignment. All of these files are Adobe PDFs.

Articles for The Globe

I worked on staff during my whole sophomore and partially my junior year, 2011-2012 respectively. I began as a copy editor, then became the opinions page editor. The opinion PDF not only has my story, but the layout is of my design; just look for my byline! You can also check out other Globe articles republished online.

Articles for class

I never liked much of what I wrote for class. Below are two articles for the Point Park News Service, a class I didn’t actually take but contributed to. They wanted to theme some articles with the broad topic of religion.

The other story was my last article for my feature writing class sophomore year. Due to my doubts, I changed to being a multimedia major after sophomore year. However, my teacher commended this piece and told me to have faith in myself. I also enjoyed writing it because it was about a topic I enjoyed – the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.


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