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When I was little, I loved making up stories. I acted them out with toys or my friends. I liked to read, watch movies and create newspapers on the computers at school. Writing naturally surfaced as a skill.

I’ve deleted most of the creative writing I’ve done, as I usually reflect upon my work and shudder the thought of anyone reading it. However, I know that writing requires rigorous practice, and if I want to claim it as a skill, I best sharpen it. Writing only improves writing.

For my first college literature class, our assignments included creative writing. I hope to do more in my spare time. Maybe (a big maybe) I’ll post some here. All files are Adobe PDFs.

Creative Writing

Literature class assignments

  • Prompt: Fiction – Create a list of character, giving them names. Clues can be provided within the names. Then write the first paragraph to a short story (broad character descriptions provided – “An employee who is ripping off his boss.”)
    Creative Writing – Fiction
  • Prompt: Nonfiction – Pick a scar, birthmark, mole, etc. on your body or someone else. Describe the mark, its location, etc.
    Creative Writing – Nonfiction
  • Prompt: Drama – Write a dialogue between two characters that each have a secret. Don’t reveal it, but express it through body language and communication.
    Creative Writing – Drama

French Literature assignment


In addition to the personal blog I keep on this website, I’ve blogged for previous classes and maintained Diversify, a Facebook page dedicated to sharing animal and ecology articles and photos.

  • SavvyReAgent blog – I sometimes write posts on different real estate related topics for Racheallee. Look for my name to identify which ones were authored myself.
  • On Four Legs blog – Maintained throughout the semester for an introduction class, I shared news about animals and made some original content as well.
  • Diversify – While initially created for a class in my final fall semester, I decided to maintain it after it was graded. Now that I’m working, I’ve mostly stopped updating, but it is still live to be seen as a portfolio piece. I enjoyed posting to it, and Facebook makes it easy and fun.

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