Though videos aren’t my favorite media to create, they can turn out to be powerful and interesting. I took a Video Production I class sophomore year of college. While I’m capable of creating videos, there is still much for me to review and learn. I admit that the final result is very satisfying, but I find it to be difficult and tedious to produce a good video, especially when heavy camera equipment is involved. However, I received a lightweight camcorder as a birthday gift, so perhaps I can build upon my skills.

I also made “Frawg in the Rain,” a Flash video in my first visual graphics class at Point Park, all the way back in freshman year. It’s definitely rough, but Flash is really hard. I own it now, but I doubt I could remember how to do anything.

Below are my two decent Video I projects, created with a Panasonic HPX170 camera and Final Cut Pro on a Mac computer. “Frawg in the Rain” was created in Adobe Flash on a Mac.

View my portfolio videos on my YouTube channel.



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