While I’m still in the baby phases of learning website creation and design, I’m off to a decent start. Working with websites is a frustrating endeavor, but the results can be sweet. Nothing is as satisfying as when the vision for a website becomes a reality through research, learning and testing. To not only possess a great site, but to create one, is an awesome and valuable asset.


SOS Animal Rescue: My first pro bono work, this site was for a cat rescue in Jeannette, PA. I worked hard to change CSS styles and colors. I also had to find ways to simply sync information so the organizer wouldn’t have to log on for every update, such as cat profiles and events. Read my blog post about this site here!


RVRRiver View Ridge Condominiums: While it’s just WordPress, I’m still proud of my work on this site. I chose the theme and relentlessly tweaked it over a few days — the logo needed to replace the header text, the Facebook logo needed shifted to the other side, the fonts needed embedded. Some of these battles I lost, but most I won by digging through WordPress help forums. I completed this website on my own, including WordPress set up, theme installation and edits, copy writing, organization and SEO. The logos and photos were commissioned.


savvyreagent site

SavvyREAgent: I didn’t create this WordPress-powered site myself, but as a part of my duties at SavvyREAgent, I help maintain it. I update and place listings, write blog posts and add certain features or widgets. I troubleshoot and research  to accomplish what Racheallee wants to do.


Oddventures logo

My partner Christy primarily created this graphic, but I did all the research. Jolly cooperation.
My partner Christy primarily created this graphic, but I did most of the research. Jolly cooperation.

Oddventures: This website served as my class’ multimedia Capstone. Our class of 14 people tried out unique hobbies around Pittsburgh to create multimedia content and compile a somewhat evergreen website. I served as the class’ administrator, so my duties included troubleshooting, processing requests and style consistency. I also contributed the site idea itself (not that I’m taking all of the credit), as well as to the lock picking and sword fighting sections. It may have been the most fun and cooperative group project I’ve ever worked on.
web pub site

Web Publishing site: While this class was an instructional train wreck, I still managed to complete a basic yet working site entirely from HTML and CSS (with a little help from jQuery), using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator. I did learn quite a bit from the more capable instructions of the Internet, and I hope to apply what I learned to my WordPress side.

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