Work for SavvyReAgent/Millcraft Real Estate Services

To easily group a sample of work, here is a page dedicated to what I’ve contributed under my first post-college position at SavvyReAgent/Millcraft Real Estate Services.

Social Media

I’ve set up Facebook business pages for both SavvyReAgent and Millcraft Real Estate Services. This required editing graphics to properly fit both cover photos and profile pictures. In addition, I helped manage and create posts, photos, advertisements and boosted posts.


While Twitter was already set up under SavvyReAgent, I edited the cover photo to properly fit Twitter’s specifications. I set up the Millcraft Twitter account to also fit these specifications to prevent unprofessional pixelated graphics or incorrect brand management.

SRA twitterMRES twitter

Google+ needed to be set up for Millcraft Real Estate Services. In order to play to Google+’s photographic strength, I used a great shot from a recent condo shoot as the cover photo. Unfortunately, at this time I cannot give the page a proper, custom URL yet, as linking to the company’s website is required, and I do not have the proper access.

MRES google+

Like Twitter, SavvyReAgent’s YouTube channel was in place, but possessed no channel art. Strangely, YouTube was the most difficult to properly place graphics that loaded and looked as desired.

SRA youtueMRES youtube



Every Monday, I sent in a 200×550 pixel advertisement to the Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation for their weekly e-newsletter. We normally rotated one of our listings for a “property of the week” theme, but could also utilize the ad for events or a general description of our services.










To market a 12-property portfolio of Lawrenceville homes, I created the first draft of a mailer to send to prospective home buyers. Working with Multi Print Media, we finalized this mailer after several drafts. Unfortunately, the mailer was never sent due to other complications.

LV mailer draft 1_Page_1 LV mailer draft 1_Page_2Millcraft - Why Rent PC 012115 V7 (PROOF)_Page_1 Millcraft - Why Rent PC 012115 V7 (PROOF)_Page_2

I alone created the design and content for this newsletter, sent to all residents in Downtown Pittsburgh at the end of April 2015. This folded mailer was a market update hoping to inform residents about the current Downtown housing market, and to hopefully reign in some prospective clients.

MRES Market Update - Issue 1_Page_1 MRES Market Update - Issue 1_Page_2

I created this 98×46 inch banner design to post outside a new home that was being built.

180 38th street banner

With the coming of new, very beautiful, high-priced listings, a PDF brochure was sent to us. Desiring to place our contact information and make a few minor changes, like adding photos once we received them, I edited this PDF with difficulty but succeeded.

Page 1

101-103-161 Market and First Street Residences Brochure small_Page_2


Websites and Web-Based Accounts

WordPress-based with a large amount of freedom, I managed SavvyReAgent’s website. I created blog posts, tidied up copy and appearances, and integrated other features and links. Working with the original developers Sparq Designs at times, I requested the addition of a favicon and assistance with editing the photo sliders.

savvyreagent properties page


Real estate in the modern age requires presence on popular real estate websites, like Zillow, Trulia and I helped manage the accounts by updating profile information, making graphics to include all three team members, and organizing lead traffic. I also spent many combined hours speaking to customer services for these sites when things went awry.

zillow profiletrulia mj

This portfolio is comprised of original work by Celeste Begandy or in collaboration with others. Images, text or any other media on this site may not be redisplayed or otherwise used without expressed written consent of Celeste Begandy.
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