Want to know what I’ve done so far? View my resume, a creation of my own design. While it is a decent summary, it doesn’t include everything. Be sure to check out my portfolio to see other projects. My LinkedIn profile also serves as a in-depth explanation of the content here. Any questions? Just send them my way.



Social Media

Social media shouldn't be done for the sake of social media. An appropriate voice, engaging content, and consistency are crucial to success. I have created and managed numerous business accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Writing & Editing

Outstanding writing skills are the basis of any communications career. Commended for my writing and editing abilities, I can write content for websites, social media, proposals, journalistic articles, or anything else.


With a WordPress background, I can create and easily update WordPress websites. Not into WordPress? I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, and I'm happy to discover new platforms.

Google Analytics & Adwords

Digital data is often overlooked, but understanding and monitoring it can provide invaluable insights. I have experience managing and creating website analytics and pay-per-click campaigns through Google Analytics and Adwords.

Adobe Creative Suite

A daily user of the Adobe Creative Suite, I can easily use popular programs including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat to create attractive documents and manipulate graphics.

Public Relations

I'm capable of writing detailed, specific press releases using AP Style, and pitching media contacts with relevant information.


I have experience managing all aspects of advertising for both digital and print publications -- from budgeting to designing to meeting deadlines.


I believe being organized is the first step to success. Managing tasks, deadlines, and priorities in a clear and concise way helps not only me, but my teammates.

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Updated 4/29/18.

For additional documents, such as references and a complete work history, please contact me.