What’s Been Going On: Summer

And here I am, a whole season later, remembering I have a blog.

I’m not surprised at my lack of blogging; I haven’t had too much to say, really. Just work, home, and repeat. But, here is this website, showcasing me and my life, and I just want to write sometimes, all right? Ok.

This summer has been good, for a few reasons:

I traveled to a new place.
In my last post, I mentioned how my roommate was leaving for a job in Maryland/DC (who is enjoying it greatly, so I’m told). I visited her in July, stayed in her super nice duplex, and explored not only Annapolis, but DC for the first time as well. This trip was the highlight event of my summer, and I might have to write separately about it. Beer, seafood, and history make for a great long weekend.

I explored more of my current place.
I’m a homebody. This trait has been a part of me since childhood, as my mom had to beg me to go anywhere. But this summer, I got out and explored just a little more of Pittsburgh, trying new places. Ok, they were mostly bars, but still counts. I checked out Church Brew Works, Roundabout Brewery, and even had an expensive/delicious taco at Smoke Taqueria.

I have a new companion. *wink*
A.K.A, a new boyfriend. He’s accompanied me on the aforementioned explorations, and made them all the more memorable. As a native West Virginian who is inherently different from me, we’re alike and different in a lot of ways. I got to show him a bit of my town, and now he’s showing me his, since he’s attending law school at his alma mater, WVU in Morgantown. Thus far, I’ve discovered that drinks are cheap and strong, and students pretty much rule the town.

So we’re doing this long-distance thing now, and his leaving meant summer was winding down. Summer doesn’t feel the same when you’re out in the working world — there’s no anticipation for summer break — just better weather, and maybe the occasional day off or too-short vacation. And I got to experience a couple bonfires, thunderstorms, and cold beer — but it was infinitely better sharing it with him.